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Bear Nonsense 2nd Anniversary

Bear Happy Hour at Rock & Roll Hotel 2nd Anniversary May 9th

Join us tomorrow, May 9th, for Bear Happy Hour at Rock & Roll Hotel’s 2nd Anniversary!   The DC Scandals Rugby Team will be joining us.   Here is the event Listing on Bear Nonsense Be sure to RSVP on Facebook.  

“Bear City” Silver Daddy Dating College Basketball Player

“Bear City” and  “Bear City 2” actor Gerald McCullouch, who played the hot daddy who found a young boyfriend, is a hot daddy who has found a young boyfriend – the first openly gay men’s college basketball player, Derrick Gordon. They attended the GLAAD awards last weekend and were seen smooching on the red...

Fists of Awesome

Gay Bear Video Game Lead Helps Promote Equality in Gaming

From With the subject of the representation of gay people in games high on our agenda right now, Nicoll Hunt – the developer behind side-scroller Fist of Awesome– has revealed that he always intended for the game’s lead to be gay. According to Hunt, Fist of Awesome’s Tim Burr – who spends...

Love Is Strange

Queerty Bear-baits John Lithgow

Queerty interviewed John Lithgow, and tried to get him to talk about Bears. Lithgow’s movie “Love is Strange” recently premiered at Sundance. He was either cool or clueless as he glided over his answer. (Lithgow’s co-star Fred Molina) is kind of a hairy guy. Would you say he’s a bear? “He’s a bear...