About Bear Nonsense

Bear Nonsense is a name created by Joe Tresh to independently promote Bear events by and for members of DC’s Bear community.

Bear Nonsense primarily organizes Bear Happy Hour at Rock & Roll Hotel twice a month and promotes local Bear events through the Bear Nonsense group on Facebook.

Joe started organizing Bear events in 1995 for the Philadelphia Liberty Bears, coordinated events for the District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC), admin’d GenXDC during Y2K, took tons of photos at Titan’s Bear Happy Hour and Motley Bar, and now creates events under the name Bear Nonsense. He’s kind of a glutton for punishment, but is inspired every time someone says “I really love this event. Thanks for putting it on.”

What does “Bear Nonsense” mean?

The name “Bear Nonsense” is a reminder that all of these words we use like “Bear” or “Cub” or “Woof” are all nonsense, but it is the people who are important. In planning events, we hope that Bears will enjoy all kind of nonsense.

What inspires Bear Nonsense?

Joe has been inspired by the countless LGBTQ organizers who create joy out of original ideas.

He is inspired by Joe H., the president of his first Bear club, The Liberty Bears, when he said “Hey have you heard about this Bear thing? Want to form a club?” to Joe in 1995.

He is inspired by Randy Stern, the visionary creator of the Gen-X Bears movement, who evangelized how a new form of communication – the Internet – would forever change the way people organize and socialize. Also 1995. Maybe ’96. (I’m getting old I’ll have to look it up -Joe.)

He is inspired by fellow members of DCBC who for years put on one of the nations premier Bear runs, Bear Invasion.

He is inspired by the original Bears who started BHHs at DIK bar in 2000.

He is inspired by Glenn Mlaker, who opened his Friday nights at Titan to different groups, which eventually sparked the BHH that is dearest in most guys’ memories.

He is inspired by Timur Tugberk who is an unending bundle of energy and new ideas.

He is inspired by Eric, who created 495 Bears and helped create a Bear renaissance in the DC/VA area.

He’s also inspired by this mustached guy who hosted an amazing Halloween Ball in Philly in the 90s, even if Joe can’t remember the guy’s name.

Previously dcbearscene.com

Bear Nonsense was previously known as DCBearScene.com until Joe wanted to change the name to something more memorable, less restrictive, and reflecting the Bear Nonsense philosophy.